Planet Brochure

You are about to become an interstellar travel agent! 
As part of your job you must create an exciting travel brochure that will
entice your clients to travel to the planets. 
We are all looking forward to these interesting and exciting products. 
Below is a template for your brochure---
you will need to open the file and save it into your network file. 
This template is the format that you will follow to create an exciting brochure.     

Project Resources

Brochure Template
Brochure Scoring Guide

Internet Resources

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Thoughts to ponder!
When thinking about what to suggest that the travelers
take with them on the trip and how they will survive
consider the following questions...

                                        1.  What are the conditions that humans need to live?
                                        2.  What is the planets temperature?
                                        3.  What is the quality of the atmosphere of the planet?
                                        4.  What other conditions on the planet are harmful to humans?
                                        5.  What are the surroundings of the planet like?
                                        6.  How would humans navigate the planet?
                                        7.  Inside what kind of vessel or hotel would humans best
                                             stay--remember you must consider what the surface of the                                                  planet is made of.